Update .2: We have UI

Floating Cities has it's first public update.

Currently the game has a working menu system when you start the game and has a simple credits and instructions screen.

Also a new feature when you play the game is that it now has a very bland but working Pause Screen, I will be populating it in the next update.

Most players should instantly notice the brand new Health and Oxygen Bars, they currently aren't used but will be for the game.  They are there to add to the game currently.

The next update for the game will be much sooner, I am aiming for around 2 weeks.  

Floating Cities Version .3:

We will have a public plot for the game available.

There will be an opening cinematic of sorts when you start the game.

A Better Pause Screen

and I will have a much better internal timeline to give you guys update with.

Thanks for your patience



The Floating City 0.2.zip 235 MB
Aug 18, 2017

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